Instant Loan – Get a loan in just a snap of your finger

Just come to a branch or visit internet banking, fill in a few documents, wait one day and you have up to 2 500 000 dollars. This is no fairy tale! This is a reality that happens in one of the most popular Czech banks. You don’t believe? In this article we bring you all the important information.

What bank is it?


First of all, we will tell you where you will get such a high amount in such a short time. It is a Loan and Credit, where the door does not tear. If you are interested in the specific financial product we are talking about, and for which you will have up to two and a half million within twenty-four hours, it is a Personal Loan.

Personal Loan Information

Personal Loan Information

Personal loan is one of the many products that Loan and Credit provides to its clients. It is a classic long-term loan that you can arrange for an amount starting at thirty thousand and ending at the aforementioned two and a half million dollars. The maximum repayment term for this product is set at six so you will have enough time to repay the loan.

I want to borrow two and a half million, what do I need?

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If you want to borrow a full 2.5 million dollars, for example, for a new sports car brand Jaguar, you will need virtually nothing. All you have to do is to open a current account with Loan and Credit, hold a valid identity card, such as a passport, receipt, and you must not use the money for any business needs.

No collateral, settlement within 24 hours, partial or full early repayment without any penalties – this is simply a Personal Loan from Loan and Credit!

What are the fees for this loan?

Prepare at least USD 500 for processing and evaluating your application for this loan. The subsequent monthly administration of the loan will cost you only eighty dollars and you will also have the insurance of the ability to repay completely free of charge. Nothing more, nothing less!

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