Survival Manual for Embarrassing Situations involving Money

There are few things in life that work well with friends and family as money. Nevertheless, this tranquility can sometimes bring complications. Since rejecting the return of a small loan until you refuse to split the dinner bill (or taxi, travel, you can list …), money can cause misunderstandings among close people depending on the circumstance. Small situations that despite appearing not to have much importance may end up weakening a relationship.

In our day-to-day relationships, it is not difficult to see that these trends vary greatly from case to case. Personally, although I know that the best way to avoid undesirable tensions is to make reality always consistent with the expectation of the situation-to borrow the money back, to split the dinner or bar bill fairly-not always possible. Here are 4 common situations in which friendship and money can be confused, as well as clarifying the best way for you to deal with them. Check below:

You loaned money to a friend, but he did not give it back.

You loaned money to a friend, but he did not give it back.

Even small amounts of money can ruin friendships, so think twice before lending any money to a friend. The amount of money involved in this case can make a lot of difference – paying for the coffee your colleague consumed at the bakery is quite different than covering for a portion of his car financing, of course. Regardless, it is not good to borrow more than you are willing to lose (if it is someone else is willing to lose something). Creating a low expectation about the return on that money can help you avoid stressful relationships while money does not get back into your hands. It is important for you to talk about your real need to get the money back even before you lend it, just make it clear that you do not want to disrupt the relationship, so leave some things previously discussed to avoid misunderstanding: When do you intend to return the money? “,” How will you return it? “,” How much do you think I should tolerate late payment? “.

You can not keep up with your friends’ drinking habits

Differences in income and consumption habits can create embarrassing situations among friends. It is very possible that you have a friend who continually invites you to go out and activities (and pay for them) – such as going out for a gym class or eating at expensive lunchtime restaurants – which simply were not in the plans of your budget for the month or that you really did not care to attend. Instead of feeling guilty about continually refusing invitations, suggest other, cheaper options you can do together – like having coffee or going for a walk.

The situation may also be a bit more one-sided: instead of inviting you constantly for costly outings, your friend can always present you with expensive gifts on festive occasions and you feel bad for not being able to reciprocate to the same extent. Often, the friend has notion of the income discrepancy, if any, therefore, does not make a point of receiving gifts of the same value. You can show your gratitude in other ways, for a simple invitation to a dinner or special event, for example.

You lend money to a friend who spends you carefree

You lend money to a friend who spends you carefree

It is one thing to have a friend who complains that he has no money for anything but that he always shows up with pieces of clothing and other newly purchased products. It is another when you, in an attempt to help this friend, loaned him money and realized that he bought another piece of clothing or product – with his money this time.

When you lend money to a friend, it is best to get rid of judgments – especially if that money was borrowed without a specific purpose. However, if you have agreed with your friend that the loan would be used to pay the next installment of your car financing, and instead you spent all the money on the trip to the beach, you do not have to restrain yourself, go talk to I have not been able to do this for you. If you do not, what your friend did with the money is no longer your business, literally.

Want to split the bill equally when you have consumed less than everyone else

No one wants to be the person who disagrees with the group’s decision to pay the bill, but it’s better to piss off a friend, or even momentarily, not to pay $ 50 when you ordered only a small salad or soda.

To make this embarrassing situation not boring for everyone involved, always go to the bars and restaurants with cash in your wallet. So when the bill comes, offer to pay what you owe and the rest of the group owe the bill equally among the credit cards they will use. Using cash you draw less attention to your request and ensures that the waiter does not get confused and clumsy when dividing the value of the account.