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CBR, Cooperative Credit Banks of the Rainny Banking Group, offers a Personal payday loan with interesting features in terms of amount and, above all, maximum repayment duration of 10 years.

Since this is a Personal payday loan, it is not necessary to indicate the purpose of use of the capital obtained and it will be possible to dispose of it independently, without any restrictions on the part of the bank.


Personal payday loan Features

Personal Loan Features

The loan can be disbursed for a maximum value of 30,000 euros, repayable in installments over a long period up to 120 months.

Credit Dito Personal payday loan can be requested only by going to one of the 3700 counters of the Cooperative Credit Banks. The online request is not expected at the time of writing.

The interest rates are competitive with those of other similar products: in the example of a personal payday loan of 13,000 euros repaid with 72 installments the tan of 9.24% and the taeg of 10.62%.

There are preliminary assessment commissions: in the previous case they are equal to 228 euros. 


Who can apply for Credit Dito Personal payday loan

Who can apply for Crediper Personal Loan

Despite the maximum length of 120 months, it is not a “typical” salary-backed loan, so the personal payday loan can also be requested by self-employed workers or employees of small businesses or, again, a typical workers.

The required documents are the personal data (identity card and fiscal code) and those attesting the income, therefore the payslip for employees, the pension slip for pensioners, the UNICO model for self-employed workers.


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