Minimalism and Shopping locally

Saturday, May 20

Having a minimal wardrobe makes you start and appreciate more your clothes, where they are from, how they are made, who made them, their quality. Those thoughts have been recently in my head and I can't ignore anymore that the Fast Fashion industry is harming our planet and our people.

With all that information in mind, I decided to start buying my clothes locally, here in Portugal. Clother, shoes, Jewerly, decor, anything that is made by small businesses and from Portuguese people that want to show the world that we don't need Zara or Primark to dress well. They are here to show us that "less" and "more" can be used in the same sentence: Less consumerism, More quality. Less exploration, More appreciation.

I'm still on my no shopping year, but I have already started a list of local brands that have lovely creations and that I can't wait to shop at! Here is my small list still in construction:   

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