Creating a Home wear Capsule Wardrobe

Monday, April 24

From a young age that I have been wearing baggy, funny, cute pajamas around the house, but when we start to the age we need to find a better alternative to wearing pajamas all day. For so long I hated walking around the house in pajamas and having to answer the door or having to go to the street in my pajamas. 

So I decided to create a simple home wear wardrobe that didn't include those childlike pajamas that I had been wearing my entire life. It was very simple, I just picked up a few legging and some cool t-shirts and a nice pair of home shoes. Because regardless of what I do all day…I deserve to look nice and feel comfortable when answering the door to strangers right?

Here is a simple guide of how to create a Home wear wardrobe that you will be proud of!

+ Look in your closet // we all have those pieces that we like but haven't worn out for some unknown reason, grab those and wear them at home! I had a few t-shirt that I loved but I wasn't wearing, so I turned them into home clothes. Or maybe you have a white shirt that you don't wear because you found a better one that you prefer to wear out, use that old one at home. Just remember that you must feel good in the clothes, don't wear the old and ugly pieces that you don't like!

+ Baggy pants or legging // for me it's both, I love wearing legging around the house and for sleeping too, but I also have some looser pants that I wear on days that I feel bloated. I love pants with a cute pattern that can go nicely with a simple t-shirt.

+ Get some new pieces // don't feel embarrassed to go get some new t-shirt of leggings to wear around the house. You must look and feel nice even when relaxing on the couch. I like to use the sales to get those pieces, that way I don't feel so guilty for spending a lot of money on my home clothes.

+ Change out of your pajamas // you can still have pajamas to sleep in. Most of the times I wear my home clothes to bed, but there are those days when I have been doing some cleaning or gardening, so I change out of my home wear to my pajamas, but I force myself to change out of them every morning! and it's actually very satisfying and very easy.. well, maybe not in the cold months, haha. But this is a huge rule I follow so that I feel comfortable and pretty around my house.

5 comments on "Creating a Home wear Capsule Wardrobe"
  1. You know.. I do still walk around the house with my childish pajamas, and maybe it's time for a change. I mean, I'm a woman, and I do want to look good anytime I want (except when I'm sick or on my period.. I really don't care on those moments). Maybe it's time to create a simple and small home capsule :)
    Thanks you so much for this post !

    1. We all do girl :)
      Just make small changes at a time. Or all at once, its your choice .
      I think its a great way for us to feel confident and pretty even at home .


  2. Que boa ideia! Já tenho um mas só agora me dei conta. Não foi consciente. E, mesmo assim, falta-lhe um pormenor: serem peças mais bonitinhas. Tratarei disso aos poucos. Eventualmente nos saldos, como sugeres. :)

    1. Os saldos sao mesmo o melhor. Pois nao gosto de gastar muito dinheiro em peças so para usar em casa :P
      Aos poucos construi o meu e agora adoro tudo o que tenho !


  3. I have never thought of this. I guess at some age we need to let go of our childish pajamas right? I liked this post, I think im going to try and create a simples home wardrobe so that I can also feel pretty and grownup at home :)


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