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Wednesday, March 8

Keeping organize is one of my goals for this year, and to help me do that I decided to create a Blog Planner so I can plan my posts for the month. I also wanted to give you guys this planner of mine to help on your blogging. Maybe it can also help me in the next few months because I'm currently very busy and I really need to plan everything.

The layout is very simple, and it has worked wonders for me, but everyone is different and everyone has different ways of being organized, but I do hope this simple planner can help some of you. You can keep track of an entire month of posts, plus it has a To Do list (it can be a post list idea or any to do list you like) and also a small Notes section. For me is the perfect fit!

5 comments on "The Blog Planner"
  1. Adorei o teu planner! Já descarreguei e de certeza que vai dar muito jeito :D
    Gostei mesmo do teu blog!
    Beijinhos <3

    1. Ola Joana =)
      Ainda bem que gostaste e espero que te dê bastante jeito !


  2. Cool :D This looks great!! Will try it out :)

  3. Blogging has not become my thing yet, but I'm going to keep this to use in the future if I do start blogging. Very simple and clean!
    You could probably do a month planner or a week planner just like this one !
    That would be very useful for me :)


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