The 2017 shopping fast

Sunday, March 26

If you guys have been following me from the beginning, you know that I did a " No Shopping Year" 2 years ago, and I loved the experience! And now I have decided to do it again! Last year I had a shopping list for the year and I could only buy things from there, well, this year is going to be different. I have already started this challenge on January 1st, and it has been going great! I'm going to give you guys updates every 2 months. 
       The Rules      
1. Only buying replacements for worn out items. This may not be needed, but you never know.. a disaster may happen.

2. I can buy beauty products that need to be replaced... and also for reviews. I have been doing a lot of reviews, and I want to continue with that, so I must buy them.

3. No wishlist this time! 

4. I can buy Presents. Only for friends and family.

5. I can still spend my money on experiences. Things like plain tickets, dinners, cinema, going out.

S T A R T I N G   D A T E
January 1st, 2017
3 comments on "The 2017 shopping fast"
  1. Parece uma experiência super interessante! Bastante ponderado e sempre dá uma perspectiva do quanto realmente necessitamos quando compramos.

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

    1. A primeira vez foi bastante fácil, pois tinha uma lista que tinha se seguir, por isso ia comprando algumas coisas que me faziam falta. Mas desta vez vou reduzir imenso essa parte, pois nao tenho lista nenhuma, ou seja, compras de roupas e assim, esta fora de questão.

      Tantas coisas que comprava e uma semana depois, ou ate mesmo dias depois, via que afinal nem me fazia falta.

      Vamos a ver como corre este ano =)


  2. I wish I would get the gut to do this !!
    Good luck and keep us updated !


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