What to get from the Sales

Wednesday, January 25

Although I don't shop that much, I do love to use the sales as an ally instead of a compulsion to shop. There are a few things that I like to buy from the sales that are a great investment for your wardrobe. I only go sales shopping when I feel like I need something new or when I feel like a piece is getting too old and needs to be replaced. Here are the items that I recommend getting on Sale:

+ Underwear // bras, undies, pajamas, socks. All those things can be a bit pricey when not on sale and when you enjoy getting good quality items. I always find great deals on underwear in the sale season.

Stella McCartney Poppy Snoozing Pyjama SetASOS FAYE Satin & Lace Up Underwire Bustier BraDKNY Signature Boxer Pyjama Set

+ Jeans // jeans, pants, skirts or shorts. Sometimes they can be a bit overpriced, especially good quality ones, so I always get a pair on sale when I feel like I need a new one.

Lee Emlyn Straight Mom JeansCIGARETTE - JEANS MED MEDELHÖG MIDJA-Sliten-JEANS-DAM | ZARA SverigeASOS ORIGINAL MOM Jeans in Phoebe Mid Stonewash with Busts and Stepped Hem

+ Basics // basic pieces are always a need in your closet, and since they are probably the most worn items in your wardrobe they need to be upgraded once in a while, the best time to get them? the sales of course!

ASOS T-Shirt in Boxy FitV - NECK T-SHIRT-T-SHIRTS-TRF | ZARA United StatesASOS TALL The New Forever T-Shirt With Short Sleeves and Dip Back

+ Trend pieces // I have spending tons of money on those awesome trend pieces that I love, and since they are trends (which come and go) I like to wait for the sales to get them for a lower price.

6 comments on "What to get from the Sales"
  1. Those are some great tips !
    I do get a lot of basics and undies from the sales, I find amazing deals.

    1. Investing in Basics during the sales is the way to go =)


  2. As dicas são óptimas e gosto de as tentar seguir. Nestes saldos abusei um bocadinho, muito menos do que em outros anos, mas mesmo assim mais do que previa. Porém aproveitei para repor o stock de pijamas e entrei no espírito de "one in, one out".


    1. Usar o "One in One out" ja se tornou um habito para mim =)
      Eu nao abusei, comprei umas quantas peças pois este ano vou fazer um Ano sem Compras, por isso decidi aproveitar os saldos.



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