Things I got rid of when I became a Minimalist

Tuesday, January 17

Once you become a minimalist, there are a bunch of items that you will find yourself letting go of, these are just some of the examples of things I was able to get rid of when I became a minimalist:

CD's & DVD's // I no longer have CDs or DVDs. The only one I possess is of my favorite band and even that one I'm thinking of getting rid of, I just don't listen to it anymore, it's just there for the memories.

Books // I had so many books! After I decluttered I kept the ones that I was going to read and 2 of my favorites, the rest I gave away. And now when I want to read a book I get the Kindle version or try to find someone that has to book and can lend me the book to read.

Multiples // I used to have multiples of the same thing, multiple tank tops, multiple nail polish colors, multiple eye shadow... now I only have 1 of each until I run out or need to replace it.

Magazines // I no longer buy magazines, and I only read them at cafés or maybe online, but it's very rare. I don't feel the need to buy magazines to read about trends and get bombard with ads, the only reason I would buy a magazine was if I saw a nice article inside.

Daily pads // I used to buy normal daily pads.. do you know how much waste it makes to year 1 pad every day? 30 pads a month, 365 pads a year, for probably 50 years or more! I switched my daily pads for washable ones, and when I'm on my period I wear Organic Cotton tampons.

Eyeshadows // I still own eye shadow.. the only difference is that I no longer have a huge palette of colors I never use. I kept 1 eye palette with 6 colors that I wear on a daily basis.

Nail polish // instead of owning every single color on the rainbow for only one-time use, I only have a small collection of 7 that I use all the time

Subscriptions // Now more full inbox of 158 subscriptions to stores and magazines or websites. I only have 2 or 3 subscriptions to my favorite shops.

Just in case items // you know what I'm talking about.. that cute pair of shoes that make your feet hurt but you are keeping them in case a special event happens and you need to wear them, or that table set that you are keeping to have lunch with the Queen (ha ha). Use them or get rid of them. Simple as that.

Television // I confess that I have a TV in my home, but it's not mine, it belongs t my boyfriend for game playing! What we do all the time is connect the PC to our TV and watch movies and series. If it wasn't for the gaming I would not have a TV.

Clothes // I created a capsule wardrobe and got rid of everything else. My capsule wardrobe is not only for 3 months as many are, I decided to create mine for an entire year. I chose things that I loved and worked on my body and created a 60 pieces wardrobe that will last me a very long time.
7 comments on "Things I got rid of when I became a Minimalist"
  1. Preciso intensificar meus destralhes. Me inspirei com seu post.
    Algumas coisas são tão difíceis. .. ainda tenho cds mas já destralhei mais da metade do que eu tinha.

    1. Ainda bem que inspirei =)
      Sucesso para seu destralhe!


  2. Também começo a achar a televisão cada vez mais desnecessária. Temos o computador que serve para tudo!
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

    1. E então com o que da na TV Portuguesa.. e mesmo para nem chegar perto.
      Sempre que quero ver series ou filmes vou na net, por isso nao me faz mesmo falta nenhuma =)


  3. Wow you got rid of all those things? and you haven't bought any of it back? That's so amazing!
    I could not live without my books! But I guess we can always have Kindle.

    1. I only bought a few magazines in the past 3 years.
      They had a few articles that I wanted to keep so I bought them.
      the rest I kept out of mu life.


  4. Os vernizes, os vernizes... mil e um vernizes de 1€ que não valem nada a ocupar imenso espaço. Estou a fazer por adaptar o meu armário, foi a primeira coisa em que comecei a ver necessidade de me tornar mais minimalista ninguém mas ninguém precisa de 3 parkas iguais. Até agora a mudança tem me feito super bem.

    Beijinhos, Diana



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