My 2017 resolutions

Thursday, January 5

+ Finish decorating my Home + 
+ Eat more healthy: let go of Vegan junk food +
+ Go to the gym or run the local park + 
+ Drink more water and Juices +
+ Create more veggie meals for the coffee shop +
+ Travel: Paris, Dublin, Madrid +
+ Save up some money for vacations + 
+ Read more +
+ Write more on the blog + 
+ Do more travel and organic beauty posts + 
+ Do another shopping fast + 
7 comments on "My 2017 resolutions"
  1. I'm going to read more this year as well, I'd love to do at least one book per month.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. If I read 2 books this year I will be happy. I haven't picked up a book for more then 2 years! And I used to read so much, but my new job leaves very few time and I use that time to blog =)
      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Ahh, finish decorating my home... does one ever really accomplish that?! I certainly don't :P

    If I could recommend one book to you it would be Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic.

    Raza from

    1. Hey Raza, thank you so much for your comment.
      You are so right, a home is never completely ready right ? Always some details to add, or some remodel to do. But I'm very confidant that I can do all the last details this year !
      Thanks for the book recommendation =)


  3. Partilho contigo a "resolução" de uma viagem a Madrid!

    OH, Carolina
    instagram: @carolinarfrancisco

    1. Esta viagem é mais por causa da minha irmã, mas mesmo assim estou ansiosa por ir =)


  4. Love your resolutions list !
    I also want to travel a bit more this year.
    I love to travel.


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