Minimalist Printable Calendar for 2017

Friday, January 13

For a few years now that I wanted to create a calendar to share with you guys, and this year is the year! I'm a very procrastinating person, even when it comes to doing things for myself, but not this year, I want to start doing more and procrastinating less. So, to celebrate the new year to come, I wanted to gift your guys with this free printable calendar that I made.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will. Have a happy 2017!

3 comments on "Minimalist Printable Calendar for 2017 "
  1. Oh, thank you for this! The calendar is so lovely :)

  2. Oh...adorei! Obrigado! Está muito giro e obrigado por partilhares connosco!


  3. This has made my day!
    I have been debating if I should buy one or not, and I'm so glad for this alternative!
    Thanks Sophie.


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