Minimalism in the Kitchen

Friday, January 6

Minimalism can be applied everywhere in our lives. Not only by reducing the amount of stuff we own, but also by making our daily tasks simpler and less time consuming. By applying minimalism when I cook, I was able to enjoy it more, to experiment and create simple yet delicious meals. Here is how I applied minimalism in my Kitchen: 

+ I cook for more than one meal // I don't meal prep like some people do, I just cook for an extra meal. For example, if I make lunch today, I try and make enough so I can have it for dinner tomorrow.

+ Frozen fruit for smoothies // I love to buy frozen fruit or froze it myself, it makes it so much easier when I'm making smoothie breakfasts or snacks.

+ List of meals for the week // I like to create a draft of what my meals will be for the week so that I can plan in advance what I need to buy and make. I do change this list if I feel the need to, it's more of a guideline.

+ Prep food that can be frozen // In the weekend I like to make burgers, pancakes, and veggie balls in large quantities. I then froze them before I cook then, not the pancakes of course, and this way I always have frozen food ready to cook whenever I need it.

+ Have few dishes and wash them often // I used to have a lot of dishes, and what happen was that one a dish is dirty I would leave it in the sink and use another one. This would happen until all my dishes were dirty. Now we have a dish for each one of us and we clean it right after any meal so that we can use it when we need too.

+ Simpler recipes // I make much simpler recipes now. Fewer ingredients but still with great flavor. And having a part of your meal already done will also make the cooking process go much faster.

How do you guys practice Minimalism in your Kitchen?
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  1. Those are some great tips!
    I also have very few dishes. One of each of us. So much easier!


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