The Capsule Wardrobe Planner

Tuesday, November 29

I'm always thinking of the most minimalist way to do stuff, and whenever I search for a Capsule Wardrobe Planner I always come across printable ones, but that does not work for me at all! To start, I don't have a printer, and second, I would have to print images of items that I like and inspirational images.. too many printing when I'm trying not to create more clutter. So I decided to create a simple digital planner for me and for you guys, of course! 

I used Polyvore to do this, it was so easy! It's complete with outerwear, bags, shoes, tops and bottoms. This simple template will help you create a capsule wardrobe for the entire year! Below you can see my capsule wardrobe for 2017!

Capsule Wardrobe digital planner
9 comments on "The Capsule Wardrobe Planner"
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    1. Sao tantas ! :O
      Mas aqui podes ver algumas, de vez em quando vou metendo mais =)
      Capsule Wardrobe Outfits


  2. Adorei! Está muito giro :)

  3. I have been thinking pf creating a capsule wardrobe just like yours, for an entire year. So this will be a great help !

    1. I'm glad that my post will help you with your capsule wardrobe =)
      Fell free to check my Capsule posts for more tips and inspo !


  4. I'm adicted to Polyvore! This is awesome !

  5. This is very useful ! Thanos for making it, i will use it when creating my capsule


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