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Monday, October 3

At the beginning of this month, I made a small order from Fapex with a few organic products that I have been dying to get my hands on. I only get products that I needed, that's how I work, but this way I have the opportunity to try out some new products. For the past few weeks I have been trying all these products and I have been loving them all, but I will keep my thought on each product for when I write a review on them, for now, I will just show you guys what I got, and maybe you guys want to give them a go as well.

+ Korres Mint Tea body Lotion //
I have been dying to try out some Korres products, and since I was needing new body lotion, this mint tea body lotion caught my attention right away. One thing I can say, it smells AMAZING!

I talked about this brand a while back, and of course, I had to get my hands on one of their products. I decided to try out their deodorant, it's very hard for me to find a good deodorant, so I wanted to give this one a try.

+ Oli-Oly Argan Oil //
I'm a huge fan of argan oil, but I never bought an argan oil before. This time I decided to give this one a try, and see if I like it because sometimes oils just by themselves make me breakout.
This brand has also been on my list for quite some time, and I was needing a new Makeup remover badly, so this one seemed to be my best option, I have very sensitive skin, so I hope this little guy becomes my best friend

All these amazing products can be found at or at if you want to give them a try!
4 comments on "New Organics in my MailBox"
  1. I see that you have a few nice products to try out!
    I'm interested to see your review on the Soaphoria Deodorant, I have been looking at some of their products on the Fapex website and I really want to try some of them out, but first I want to know what you thing of them =)


    1. I'm glad to know that you want my opinion on their products first =)
      Soon I will write a review on the Soaphoria Deodorant, don't worry.


  2. Adorei as tuas escolhas. Tambem ando a procura de uns quantos produtos novos para experimentar, e parece que a minha escolha vai ser o site da Fapex! Eles tem uma excelente selecção!


    1. A Fapex tem sido o meu site de eleição =)
      A selecção dele é mesmo boa.



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