Vegan on Budget for 2

Friday, August 26
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A few months ago I made the decision of going Vegan. I never thought going Vegan was that difficult or it was too expensive, but I decided to make this post anyway to help others that wan't to go Vegan but have a strict budget to follow. I created a list that will feed me and my boyfriend for one week for under 30€. Veggies, fruit and pasta/rice are the most inexpensive produce on the planet, so it's very easy to get all you need for your meals for a nice price.

Bellow you will find the shopping list from Continente, a list of dishes you can make with those ingredients (and probably more) and a week menu so that you can see how I separate my daily meals. The recipes and meals are made in our own taste, of course you can always change a few things or make your own list. Meal planning all the way! 

Hope this post can help a few of you that are on a Vegan journey.

+ Basmati Rice 500g                                                          0.78€
+ Whole wheat Spaghetti 500g                                         0.98€
+ Oven Patatoes 1kg                                                          2.99€
+ Wraps x8                                                                         1.99€
+ IKEA veggie balls 1kg                                                     4.99€

+ Bananas 1kg                                                                    1.09€
+ Cantaloupe Melon                                                           1.99€
+ Strawberries 500g                                                           1.99€
+ Onion 1kg                                                                       0.85€
+ Baby Leaf Spinach 75g                                                    0.99€
+ Cucumber 1kg                                                                 1.49€
+ Pre made Lentils 3x200g                                                2.93€
+ Tomatoes 2kg                                                                  2.38€
+ Chopped Mushrooms 2x355g                                         1.26€

+ Tomato Polp 1kg                                                             0.79€
+ Almond Milk 1L                                                               2.29€
+ Oatmeal 400g                                                                 0.69€

TOTAL                                                                                  29.25€
+ Oatmeal, Milk & Fruit
+ Green Smoothie with Spinach & Banana
+ Oatmeal Pancakes
+ Only Fruit

+ Basmati Rice & Veggie balls
+ Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms
+ Veggie wraps
+ Basmati rice & lentils with Salad
+ Spaghetti & Veggie balls
+ Oven potatoes & Veggie Balls

+ Fruis
+ Pancakes

DAY 1 // Green Smoothie + Oven potatoes & Veggie Balls + Basmati Rice & Veggie balls TIP // make the veggie balls for lunch and dinner all at one, this way you will save some electricity from the oven

DAY 2 // Oatmeal pancakes + Veggie wraps + Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms TIP // Make enough bolognese for 4 servings

DAY 3 // Oatmeal, Milk & Fruit + Veggie wraps + Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms

DAY 4 // Green Smoothie + Oven potatoes & Veggie Balls + Basmati Rice & Veggie balls TIP // again, make veggie balls for both meals

DAY 5 // Only Fruit + Veggie wraps + Basmati rice & lentils with Salad

DAY 6 // + Only Fruit + Basmati rice & lentils with Salad + Spaghetti & Veggie balls

DAY 7 // Oatmeal, Milk & Fruit Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms + Basmati rice & lentils with Salad
8 comments on "Vegan on Budget for 2"
  1. adorei o post, a sério. está tão bem pensado e organizado :) (adoro as veggie balls do ikea!)

    1. Obrigado =)
      Tambem adoro!! Alias adoro tanto que estou a tentar recriar a receita em casa! Pode ser que faça um post :P


  2. OLA Linda, Adorei o post, bom fim de semana:) Bjs

  3. Que ideia fantástica!
    Tambem me tornei Vegan a pouco tempo e este teu post ajuda-me imenso! E ainda por cima o meu supermercado mais próximo é o Continente!


    1. Que bom saber ! :D
      Ainda bem que te pude ajudar, espero que corram bem as comprinhas :P


  4. Adorei este post!! Sou ovo vegetariana há quase dois anos, mas quero muito tornar-me vegan. Deste-me imensas ideias :)
    Segui o blog, não conhecia mas adorei :D

    Há giveaway a decorrer no blog, participa! ♥
    Beijinhos, xx
    My Little Corner

  5. You went vegan? This is excelente news!
    I go away for a few months and I discover such great news, I'm so happy!
    I'm also on my way to becoming a Vegan, have been dealing with some medical issues, but I realized that since I changed to a more vegan diet that my health has improved a lot. And I also noticed a great change in my attitudes towards all animals.
    This is such a great post, I could live very well with this week menu :)



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