The Minimalist perfume Collection

Friday, April 1

I can't really call this a collection when it's only composed by three perfumes. I must admit I was never much of a perfume lover, but of course that I like perfume, every girl does. But I'm a strong believer that once you buy a perfume, I must finish it first before purchasing a new one, because, let's be honest, perfumes are always there at Sephora, I can go buy it tomorrow or 6 moths from now.. unless of course it's a special edition, but in any other case, there is no need to go running to the shop and buying it.

+ Coco by Chanel +
+ Love, Chloé +
+ A cheap version of Love, Choé +

You must wander why I have a cheap version of one of my perfumes, well.. I love wearing it to work, but if I wore it to work everyday I would probably have finished my 70€ bottle of perfume. So I keep the expensive one to dates and going out, and the cheap version to work, this way I won't feel guilty about spending my expensive perfume when going to work.
7 comments on "The Minimalist perfume Collection"
  1. You only have 3 perfumes ? Well that'a a record!
    I can probably count 6 just from memorie, but I know that I own more.
    You are great at decluttering, ha ha.

    xo, Emma.

    1. Haha thanks Emma!
      I try and keep only the essentials =)


  2. I have 3 perfumes too! I didn't even think that was minimalist. Sometimes I don't realize that I am naturally a minimalist until I am around other people. Mine are Coco Mademoiselle, Lagerfeld Chloe and Chloé EDP but those are the ones I can wear everyday so I don't miss having more. Now I am curious about Love, Chloe.

    1. Most people I know have like 10 perfumes!
      But yes, some people are natural minimalists like you =)
      I had the Coco Mademoiselle, but once I used it all up I bought the Love, Chloe. It was the best switch I ever made! I adore this perfume!


  3. I love your little collection. Is so pretty and I love all of those perfumes!
    I'm a new follower. (:

    Lena's Petals xx

  4. Love by Chloe is so pretty! I tested Chole (just the regular Chloe) over the holidays and LOVED it. It'll probably be the next one I add to my little growing collection :)

  5. Em relação a perfumes posso dizer que tenho uma colecção grande e por isso mesmo já não compro perfumes há mais de um ano talvez. Tenho esses dois que mostras e é engraçado que o meu Love, Chloé está exatamente no mesmo nível que o teu eh eh. Já o Coco Mademoiselle está no meu top 3 e por isso mesmo faço colecção da linha toda :P


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