My minimalist & Relaxing morning routine

Sunday, April 10

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Since I start to work at my coffee shop, my time to relax is less and less everyday. I come home so tired from a day of work that I can only think of my bed! But since we move to our new house I have implanted a new morning routine that allows me to relax for a bit in the morning and prepare for the day ahead. 

+ Early bird
I wake up at 5 a.m or 6 a.m, according to the time that I must be at work. I have never been a morning lover, but since I started doing this I have enjoyed it so much more. And the time I have for myself is really special.

+ Quick shower & pamper moment
I wake up and take a quick shower, just to give myself a wake up call and refresh my body. After the shower I do a simple face routine. I wash my face with cold water, exfoliate, add some oil and a day cream. Wash my teeth, do my hair and I'm done.

+ Healthy breakfast
I used to start the day eating one of my sweet temptations from work, but now I start my day with a nice bowl of fruit and a few crackers... maybe some cereal, depending of what I'm craving that morning.

+ Some "me" time
I sit on my dinner table with my bowl of fruit and my laptop and start the day catching up on what I missed last night. My mornings are so busy that I only have time to turn on my computer at 3 p.m. I enjoy this little moment a lot, in those few minutes I can see what I have missed, read some blog comments and schedule some posts.

+ Time to go
When it's time to leave, I kiss my boyfriend goodbye, grab my headphones and put some nice music on. It's still so early outside, so I like walking to work with some nice music on and enjoy the peaceful streets.
8 comments on "My minimalist & Relaxing morning routine"
  1. What a nice post!
    I love waking up early and having a moment for myself, too. It's actually my favourite part of the busy day.

    AGNESE from

  2. Eu acordo às 7h da manhã e já me queixo que é cedo! Que coragem!

    É só mais um blog

    1. Pois é ! Eu agora sinto falta dos tempos de faculdade, em que o mais cedo que acordava era as 7/8.
      Mas agora o meu alarme corporal já se habituou. Quando não tenho de acordar cedo, não consigo dormir mais do que as 7:30h


  3. I love this. Sounds like such a peaceful and put together morning. Mine tends to definitely start out more hectic. I am going to borrow a page from your book and wake earlier. My mother has your kind of discipline which I don't. I admire it! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Borrow a page anytime :P
      I don't really enjoy waking up that early, but it's something I must do, so that I can enjoy a good morning before going to work.
      I'm now thinking of adding a 30 minute workout too!


  4. This is a great post Sophie.
    I also wake up early to got o work, and I must start waking up a bit earlier so I can have a good morning start, because I know that, by the end of the day, I only want to get in my bed!

    xo, Emma.

  5. your morning routine is admirable! mine is more minimal but def more stressful... I wake up 15 minutes before I'm to head out the door, sleep on the subway and then drink a coffee with milk for breakfast. I keep aspiring to wake up earlier so I can feel more relaxed instead of rush rush rush.


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