Everyday Minimalist Makeup

Wednesday, April 6

I don't wear makeup that often, I like to keep it simple with just some mascara and a lipstick. But on those days that I need to look a little more put together I like to wear some dark eye shadow and winged eyeliner, or a nude eye shadow with a bold lip.

Reducing my makeup was such a wonderful thing. I actually realized that I had so many things that I didn't liked to wear, but I was keeping for that day that I would magically start liking it. So I reduced all my makeup to one small number of items that I love to wear and know I will always look good wearing them.


+ Urban Decay Naked Palette // I love this palette! It has all the shadows a girl needs to make a day to night look. It's small and compact and the pigments of the colours are amazing.

+ Lily Lolo BB cream // I got this amazing organic BB cream and I wouldn't replaced for any other BB cream or foundation. It has a pretty great coverage, doesn't leave my face oily and smells incredible.

+ Sephora powder // I like to wear this powder to set my BB cream, I haven't replaced it for an organic version because it still has a lot of product to use, but when I run out I will opt for an organic version.

+ Benecos Mascara // This mascara may not give you XXL eyelashes, but I like the way it makes my eyelashes look. It's just enough for me and I love it.

+ Benecos Liquid Eyeliner // This one is definitely a keep! It last so long and I can draw a perfectly winged line.

+ Lily Lolo eyeliner pencil // This eyeliner pencil is also a great find, it's organic but it has such a great pigmentation! It also lasts from a long time and is so smooth when applying it.

+ Clinique Chubby Stick // This is my go to lipstick for my everyday makeup. The colour is perfect and the texture is so smooth, and it moisturizes my lips at the same time.
5 comments on "Everyday Minimalist Makeup"
  1. You have a great everyday makeup routine!
    Very simple and easy! I love it.

    xo, Emma.

    1. Thanks !
      I love my routine too, I get ready in a flash, ha ha.


  2. Replies
    1. It's the best palette ever!
      Super small and with all the colours that I need =)


  3. Tenho que experimentar esse BB cream!! :D

    Hey Sunshine


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