The Basic Wardrobe

Friday, March 4

I am a jeans and blouse kind of girl, and in the Winter I replace the blouse for sweaters, that is my basic wardrobe. I like wearing clothes than make me comfortable but stylish at the same time, I wouldn't like to loose my personal style just for the sake of comfortable. I like blouses with nice details, and sweaters with great structure, and I live in that. Here is a list of the basic pieces of my wardrobe, so that I can build my personal style but still have a foundation.
DRESSES | always versatile
- black dress/jumpsuit
- black skirt

TOPS | everyday basics
- shirt or blouse
- black tank top with lace
- grey jumper
- black blouse 
- pattern top

UNDERWEAR | it's all about comfort
- soft fitted bras
- black and nude/white slip
- thick black tights
- normal black tights

COATS | worthwhile investments
- winter coat
- blazer
- leather jacket

BOTTOMS | comfortable and easy
- jeans
- black jeans
- dress up pants

SHOES | smart and comfortable
- flats/slipper shoes
- black sneakers
- ankle/chelsea boots

ACCESSORIES | timeless pieces
- small cross body bag
- shopper bag
- black belt
- patterned scarf
- nice small necklace
- simple ring
- stud earrings

OTHER | seasonably appropriate
- swimsuit
- scarf
- gloves
- sunglasses

6 comments on "The Basic Wardrobe"
  1. I think that I own every piece on this list! It's a great list of basics so that we can build the perfect wardrobe from it. Great job once again, Sophie.

    xo, Emma.

    1. I'm glad that you find post like these interesting!
      I'm really just trying to give some tips and help out those who are interested on living with a simpler wardrobe =)


  2. Adoro o teu blog! É tudo tão inspirador e elegante, estou totalmente viciada. Também sigo um estilo de guarda-roupa minimalista, peças simples mas elegantes e muito preto of course! :P Continua o ótimo trabalho, beijinho

    1. Obrigado querida =)
      Fico contente por saber que o meu blog que inspira !
      Espero receber o teu feedback mais vezes ^^


  3. This list is just what I need, I've been wanting to streamline my wardrobe for ages
    Thank you for making it so simple!

    What Raj Wants

    1. You are welcome Raj!
      I'm glad I was able to help you =)



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