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Wednesday, March 30

I love that feeling when I hug my Boyfriend and be able to still smell his perfume on me after he leaves. It's the most relaxing and comforting feeling ever. Although I hate when he overdoes it with the perfume, I do adore when he uses a shower gel with perfume, because it makes the smell more subtle but still lovely and durable, specially if he uses the same fragrance deodorant spray.

When I was looking around for a new face cream for myself, I came across some treats for my BF, and I could not resist to get him a set of Axe shower gel and deodorant. I knew he was going to love it, as well as me. I asked him for his feedback on the products, and he was kind enough to give me his thoughts on it, so here it is:

He loves the smell, obviously, and the texture is really great! As soon as he comes out of the shower I can smell the scent in the air, and is delightful. The smell last a long time on his skin, and he told me, and is almost like wearing a perfume.

It's a very good deodorant, keeps him from sweating and it's great to wear as a perfume as well. The smell last a very long time and he loves it, as well as me. Such a great alternative to heavy perfumes.

Make your man try it out on or

I'm really happy with this purchase, although I still keep trying to make him wear more organic products, it's a bit hard to do so when he is so stubborn, ha ha. But I will keep on trying to influence him to picking out more environmental friendly products, but until then.. I just want to make him happy.
4 comments on "That boyfriend smell "
  1. My boyfriend also uses AXE every day. He loves it as well!
    I much checkout that online store and get some refills for him :)

    xo, Emma.

  2. As lojas que mencionadas podem valer a pena para pessoas que vivam fora de Portugal, agora para quem mora cá fica muito mais barato comprar estes produtos nos super/hipermercados.

    1. Sim é verdade =)
      Mas como tenho muitos leitores fora de Portugal, assim podem comprar online ;)


  3. My fiance has a lot of perfumes, but my favorite on him has to be Armani Code.
    Nowadays that's the only one he wears haha!
    xx, //


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