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Tuesday, March 29

The sunny days are here ! And I do love rocking some nice sunglasses when the sun comes out. I always loved my fake wayfarer sunglasses, but this year I got a new pair to rock around town. This amazing brand called Polette has the most awesome glasses and sunglasses.. and for amazing prices ! Every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can be personalized to any of your needs, and the designs are so fashion but still timeless, and for affordable prices! They are the leader on the french market (ouh lá lá ), and soon they will become the evolution on the optical world. And with designer's frames from $6.99 to $49.99, how can we resist??

I got this awesome gold sunglasses with mirror frames that looks so great with my dark hair, and my boyfriend has also worn them for a while, they are very versatile ! I have swapped my wayfarer sunglasses for a Polette pair this year, and you will definitively see me rocking this new pair in some future outfit photos!

this pair was kindly given me from Polette, but the opinion is completely mine
5 comments on "Meet Polette"
  1. Não conhecia a marca, mas o modelo que escolheste é incrível. Super minimalista e meeesmo ao meu gosto. Já quero :D

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    1. É uma marca mesmo fantástica !
      Apaixonei-me logo a primeira =)
      Estive ainda indecisa entre que par escolher, mas no fim escolhi este dourado e estou a adora-lo! E sim, muito minimalista :P


  2. Ola Linda:)
    Tudo Bem?
    Adorei o post:)
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    1. Obrigado querida =)
      Devias espreitar o site, muito bom mesmo, e com óculos lindos!


  3. The brand seems interesting.
    I see that they also do prescription glasses, and I'm currently looking for a new pair.
    I saw a few that I liked, maybe I will order some ! Really nice prices !

    xo, Emma.


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