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Wednesday, February 10
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Hello my lovely readers. As you may have noticed for the lack of posts, I have been extremely busy taking care of some important aspects of my new home. We are still waiting to move in and start buying all the furniture, but we are currently getting rid of a lot of things from my boyfriends mom's house. But I'm here to as for some post ideas and also to share with you guys some posts that you will see in the next month ( because this month is going to be chaotic! ).

+ House tour + 
+ A guide about your first home + 
+ An update on my Capsule Wardrobe +
+ A very amazing Giveaway! +
+ A minimalist Guide to take care of your home + 
+ Office Tour (maybe video) +
+ Closet Tour (also maybe video) + 
+ An updated morning routine +
+ and maybe some cooking posts ! +

Do you have any ideas for posts? or would you like me to write about a specific subject? Please let me know below, because March is going to a month of amazing things!
4 comments on "What to expect next, on the blog"
  1. Eu gostava de ver posts sobre: How to declutter your Kitchen (utensilios, louça, frascos, faqueiro, gavetas, frigorifico, etc) e How to Declutter Your Pantry and Cabinets (despensa) ou seja, falares um pouco sobre o que achas essencial teres na cozinha e os alimentos que compras, onde guardar, que quantidades ter, etc. :P

    1. Obrigado pelas excelentes sugestões ^^
      Talvez faça uma Minimalist Kitchen Tour e fale um pouco sobre esses dois assuntos =)



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