A minimalist guide to your first home

Monday, February 29

As you guys know I recently bought a house with my boyfriend, and let me tell you, it was not an easy task. We actually wanted to rent an apartment, but we couldn't find one that corresponded to our needs, but after 6 months or so I came across an add on Facebook and it was like destiny. We are still taking care of some paperwork, but by the middle of February we will be all set on our new home.

Being a minimalist has made me more ware of what is really important to take care of when dealing with situations that require a lot of our time, patience and a bit of strategy. So I decided to create this little guide to help you guys when it's your time to get you own apartment.

Looking for an apartment may be a bit stressful when you need to fill some requirements. Start looking for an apartment a few months before you really need one, because the right apartment may not be that easy to find.

+ Write a list of your top requirements for your house. We made our list and believe me, it was not that easy to find place that filled all the requirements that we where looking for, but still, we found a house that was almost perfect. Here is our list of requirements:

✔ It had to be close to work because we don't have a car
✔ I love a house with lot's of sunlight
✔ It needed to be a renovated house, but still something that we liked
✔ The rent had to be a low price
✔ The kitchen had to equipped or semi equipped
✔ At least 2 bedrooms

+ While you are still looking for the right apartment, start creating a list of things that you want to buy for decorating the apartment. We did our's on the Ikea website, creating a list of every part of the house - bedroom, kitchen, office - that way we could start to get an idea of how much we where going to spend on furnishing the house.

+ Make a list of documents you may need for renting your apartment. Keep them all in a file and add some copies of those documents, just in case.

+ Make a list of other expenses you may have. You may need to pay the movers to help you carry your stuff, or pay your electricity company to install your lights, or the water people to turn on your water. Any little thing that would be important for you to start living in your new home.

+ This is the worst part, having to wait for every one to give their OK so that you can sign the contract. It can be weeks or months, it all depends of the bank and the agency. 

+ After everyone gives you the OK and you sign any contract and document you need to take the house officially yours, it's time to go shopping!

+ Grab your list, or lists, and make time for this process because it can be a bit stressful. Take your time to see if the items on your wishlist are really what you want and need, evaluate everything so that everything is perfect.

+ Make sure you take the right mesures of your home before you go. You don't want to end up with a couch 20 cm too big!

+ Be prepared for disappointments, but keep in mind that not everything is lost and that you will find the perfect piece for that space in no time.

+ Moving to a new home means that you will have to start from scratch in the grocery/medical/cleaning department. Make sure to create a list and be prepared for a big trip to your grocery store! Here are some areas of the home that you must not forget:

✔  Your medicine cabinet (first aid kit, pills, bandage)
✔  Your condiment cupboard (spices, salt, olive oil)
✔  Your cleaning supplies (for the dishes, clothes, floors)
✔  Your shower cabinet (shampoo, body wash, sponge)

+ The best step, finally being able to enjoy your own home. Relax in your own bathtub, watch your favorite movies, trow a small dinner party for your friends, dance around like you just don't care.. and be happy!
8 comments on "A minimalist guide to your first home"
  1. This post is so helpful!
    I will save this to when I get my own place.
    It really makes everything into perspective in terms of what you need to take care of and all the stress that may be attached to it =)
    Thanks for this post Sophie.

    xo, Emma.

    1. Thanks Emma !
      I'm glad that you can find this post useful =)


  2. What a great post! I love how organised it is! I love a list! I think patience is the key tip here if you want to be minimalist. as you say, you might have to wait to get the perfect item.

    1. Thanks Jess.
      You do need to be very patient and don't stress. Everything will turn out OK.
      Keep calm and good things will come =)


  3. Estas são algumas ótimas dicas
    Zoe Beau. x

  4. Replies
    1. Obrigado Maria =)
      Fico feliz por saber que gostaste!



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