The Benefits of Keeping a Wishlist

Monday, January 25

As you guys know, last year that I have started to create a year wishlist, instead of monthly or seasonal wishlist, and there is a lot of benefits for doing this. Not a year wishlist in particular, but creating a Wishlist in general.

Wishlists help us to keep things in perspective. It gives us time to evaluate and reconsider or current cravings. When you have a dozen of similar items right next to each other, you start to wonder if you would have bought all of those pieces on a whim if you haven't made a wishlist and took your time to reconsider it. When you keep the wants all in one place, the impulse of buying it all at that moment starts to disappear. Suddenly you realize how many impulse buys you would have made based on compulsion and not based on your needs.

You may think that wishlists may cut out the fun of shopping and buying that new shinny thing, but in fact you can evaluate what you really need and maybe buy a good quality designer bag instead of that H&M knockoff bag.

When you have an item on your wishlist for months and you still feel that urge to get it, then you know it's a piece that you truly need. And that cheap coat that you wanted and now you reconsider is actually money saved so that you can invest in something that will really make the difference.
4 comments on "The Benefits of Keeping a Wishlist"
  1. I totally agree with you and your reasons for having a yearly wishlist...i've started to keep one and another good thing about it (instead of a seasonal list) is that it can actually help you save money! When you know what you really want you can keep an eye out for it year round and often buying something (like a sweater, jacket, boots) off-season (or during clearout sales) results in big savings!

    1. Yes. Its absolutely a way to save some money!
      With a wishlist we avoid spending money on unnecessary things.
      I also like to use the sales to my favor and save some money =)


  2. I also have started to do this!
    I have saved a lot of money making wishlists for 6 to 12 months.


  3. Eu concordo contigo ;-)
    Desde que comecei a usar o Pinterest que acho que o meu guarda-roupa tornou-se mais coeso (menos compras por impulso, menos artigo não usados, etc.). Também me permitiu distinguir aquilo que eu preciso e gosto (e acabo por comprar) daquilo que simplesmente gosto mas de que não preciso.
    A mesma coisa para as compras da casa. Quando tive que mobilar e decorar a minha casa, consegui criar listas ("álbuns") com o que pretendia e evitar assim comprar o desnecessário.


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