The 2016 Wishlist

Wednesday, January 13

Another year, another wishlist. Last year's wishlist was a great way for me to control my spending's, and with my current Shopping Fast I can control even better my spending's. There are still a few items from my previous list that I didn't get, so I'm going to include them in this list. So here it is, my 2016 wishlist:

  Pijama pants  
Long lasting lip-stain from Kiko
  Leather Jacket 
Home Decor for my new house
New grey/black jeans
Grey Sweater
Two tone shirt
Flat Sandals
White t-shirt with a twist
New pair of home shoes
Black Swimsuit
Summer tops
Mid season Coat
8 comments on "The 2016 Wishlist"
  1. I should do this too!
    It's definitely a great way to see what we spend our money on in a year, and making a year wishlist we can contain ourselves and buy only what we really need.

    xo, Emma.

    1. Thanks Emma, it sure is a great way to keep track.
      You should definitely try it =)


  2. This is such a great wishlist! I hope you can find everything that you want
    Have a great day,

    1. I hope that too =)
      Last year was a success, only 2 items I couldn't get, but the rest of the things that I got where the perfect ones!


  3. Inspired by your blog I have Just finished sorting my closet. I haven't made a wish list yet as I am enjoying wearing forgotten items! One thing I do need is a black everyday handbag. Something that won't date, a classic style but not too frumpy. The search begins.. Great blog��

    1. I'm so happy to know that I was able to inspire you with your closet declutter :)
      If you are looking for great bags, try Zara.
      I got my everyday bag from there and I love it !
      Thanks for your comment!



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