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Wednesday, January 6
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I'm the type of person that whenever I can avoid makeup I avoid it. I prefer to be able to let my skin breath instead of making it drink chemicals all day long. Whenever I can, I like to use a few simple tricks to still look good without having to wear makeup. However I can't avoid using two makeup products whenever I feel like I need them or I'm in the mood.

+ W A S H I N G   T H E   F A C E
Doesn't matter which time of the year it is, I always wash my face with cold water to keep the blood pumping and to help my skin feel more awake. 

+ D E E P   C L E A N S E
I love wearing my Balm Balm Frankincense deep cleansing balm because my skin feels so soft and clean after using it. I use my Konjac sponge to exfoliate while I have the product on my face.

+ D R Y I N G   T H E   F A C E
As you might already know, don't rub the towel on your face, just gently tab it until your skin is dry.

+ O I L S
I always apply an oil after washing my face, I use the Balm Balm Frankincense oil and the Caudalie Oil Divine every morning. 

+ M A K E   T H E   B L O O D   FLOW
I slap my face gently so that I can increase circulation on my face making me feel more awake and adding some colour to my face.

+ E X F O L I A T E   L I P S
I always brush my teeth and then exfoliate my lips with the bush. It's a simple trick that takes no time at all and the result is amazing.

+ A P P L Y   L I P   B A L M
I always apply lip balm, it's a great way to give some shine and definition to the lips without using lipstick. I use the Caudalie Lip Balm every days after exfoliating my lips.

+ C U R L   Y O U R   L A S H E S
This makes you look more awake without having to use tones of mascara or fake eyelashes. With will make a huge difference, trust me.

+ F I X   U P   Y O U R   H A I R
Make you hair look nice, a natural face and beautiful hair are all that you need to face the day, if your hair is fixed up nicely it's a huge step towards looking good without makeup.

Those are my tips, take good care of your skin, apply lip balm, curl your lashes and fix up your hair. Simple tricks that I use on those days I can't stand wearing makeup. On some days I like to apply a bit of organic mascara and maybe a nice organic lipstick and that's all. No foundation or powders, no eye shadow or eyeliner. Let your face breath! 
5 comments on "How to look good without makeup"
  1. Agora que passei a tratar bem da minha pele sinto que nem preciso de maquilhagem. O gel amarelo da Clinique e a masque éclat da Lierac são tudo o que preciso.

    1. Eu se uso maquilhagem (base) aparecem-me logo borbulhas. A minha pela esta tão habituada a respirar que reage logo a maquilhagem.
      Normalmente uso um pouco de rimel e batom e eta feito =)


  2. I agree with you on this! Great post!

  3. I enjoy this type of tips so much!
    I love using oils, my recently love is the one from Caudalie. I love that suff!

    xo, Emma.


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