Capsule wardrobes that you should take a look at

Sunday, January 31

image from tumblr

One of the steps to create the perfect capsule wardrobe is the research. Looking at other people capsule wardrobes is a great way to get inspired and to learn a bit more about creating one. I did this myself, and still do from time to time. I like to look at other's Capsule wardrobes and see their evolution, their styles, and get inspired! On this lovely Sunday I decided to share a little list of Capsule Wardrobes (and blogs) that you should take a look at!

4 comments on "Capsule wardrobes that you should take a look at"
  1. Just let me start by saying that I love the new look! It's amazing!
    Second, thanks for the links! I noticed some are in Portuguese, but that's OK, that's why there is google translator right? ;)
    I love being inspired by other capsules !

    xo, Emma.

    1. Ha ha, so sorry about that. But you are right, Google translator is a huge friend !
      Glad you liked the post Emma.


  2. I'm curious about those other capsules! I will go take a look.

  3. Hi Sophie! Thank you for sharing my site here, that´s so lovely of you! I´ll go check out the other ladies too, there are a few I haven´t seen from your list :)
    xo Kat


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