2015 in retrospective

Friday, January 1
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I wish all you guys a Happy New Year, and I hope that all your dreams for 2016 may come true. This past year has been incredible, filled with ups and downs, laughs and cries, and a lot of amazing surprises. To say goodbye to this amazing year, I leave in here another year recap of all my good moments. Enjoy.
Happy New Year

    1st→ Started the year with a broke down car in the middle of the highway
    6th → I got two job interviews
    8th → I worked at a new place for a day and hated it

    Movies of the month  The Imitation Game // Into the Woods // Unbroken // The Best of Me // Interstelar 


      10th → Stayed a week at my boyfriends house
      13th → My BFF Birthday Dinner

      Movies of the month  Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day // Before I go to Sleep

      8th → Lunch at the beach with my girl friends
      26th The boyfriend started a new job

      Movie of the month →  Night at the Museum // Dirty Dancing // Dracula Untold 

      21st → Made my first organic order
      24th → Found this amazing little poem:
      " My soul honors your soul.I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
      I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me.
      In sharing these things we are united,
      we are the same,
      we are one. "

      2nd → "The first time I received flowers at my apartment 
      3rd → Lovely lunch at a local restaurant
      24th → My 25th birthday and a lovely dinner
      31st → Went to a medieval fair and got a Henna Tattoo

      Movie of the month → Kingsman

      18th → We got a cat and named it Trouble!
      29th → Spent a week in Portimão with the boyfriend

      Movies of the month → Poltergeist // Woman in Gold

      2nd → Went on a boat ride to see the caves in Ferragudo
      21st → Mom's Birthday Dinner at Praia norte

      Movies of the month → The True Cost // Insurgent // Unfriended // Mad Max // Hot Pursuit

      28th → Started renovating coffee shop
      30th → Baby brother birthday party (2 years old)
      31st → Reopened the coffee shop with a bigger and renovated space

      12th → Went to grandparents house with boyfriend for the weekend
      19th → Paula's Birthday party
      20th → Doctor Who is back!
      27th → Went to StrEATfest

      Movies of the month → Fantastic 4 // Tomorrowland

      6th → Boyfriends Birthday!
      17th → Went to the Lisbon Greenhouse
      27th → Our 2nd Anniversary!
      30th → Ate at  Chinese restaurant (it had been almost 10 years)

      Movie of the month → Paper Towns 

      3rd → Had lunch at A Padaria Portuguesa and saw Rui Unas there too
      8th →  Went to Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

      9th → Bought an Iphone
      11th → Went to see our potencial house
      24th → Officially on Christmas vacation

      Movies of the month → Absolutely Anything // Star Wars

      5 comments on "2015 in retrospective "
      1. Que interessante essa lista! Acho que vou adotar também! Anotar só coisas boas! <3


        1. Devia adotar sim!
          É uma excelente maneira de vermos o que realmente conseguimos alcançar durante o ano =)


      2. Adorei ver as tuas conquistas do ano de 2015. Penso que só não vi 5 dos filmes que colocaste mas resto vi todos. Vejo sempre muitos filmes e séries durante o ano. Tenho de fazer uma coisa semelhante a esta, achei boa ideia. Às vezes pensamos que o ano não foi nada de extraordinário mas se virmos escritas as coisas que fizemos em cada mês ( as mais relevantes ) chegamos à conclusão que afinal tivemos mais coisas boas do que más.

        1. Obrigado =)
          Ja no ano passado fiz o mesmo, e assim consigo ver aquilo que alcancei num único ano. É sempre bom recordar as coisas boas em vez das más. Sao as más que nos fazem mais fortes, mas são as boas que os fazem seguir em frente =)


      3. Hey there Sophie! First of all, happy new year! And second, I'm so happy that you are enjoying my blog :) It means a lot to me.
        I love this post! And I know you did one last year too. It's a great to see all of our accomplishments during the year.

        xo, Emma.


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