Things you need to toss before the New Year

Saturday, December 26

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With a new year right around the corner it's time to think about getting rid of clutter from the year that has ended. It's time to get rid of the old, but not necessary go get something new! It's time to reflect on the things that we own and let go of what is cluttering our life.

So here is a quick start guide so that you can enter the new year with the right foot. Also, last year I wrote a post on Starting a Minimalist Journey in 2015, you can totally apply it to this upcoming year. 

+ Post-Christmas mess. Get rid of all the mess from Christmas, all the paper, all the boxed, leftover food that is already getting bad, wine bottles, all of those things that are probably still in your trash can waiting to be dumped in the recycling bin.

+ Out of date products. Clean the medicine cabinet, your pantry, any place you know that has products with due dates. Get rid of all your out of date products.

+ Paper mess. Get rid of all your old bills, movie tickets, receipts, old magazines and newspapers, cards and invitations that you have no intention of keeping.

+ Old Household items. From old towels to old sheets, get rid of those old rags. They don't give a good vibe to your home, reuse them or trow them away. New year, new fresh pair of towels.

+ Friends. Yup, that's right, get rid of "friends" that don't add any value to your life. Start a new year with only people that you love and care about.

+ Social Media. Get on to Facebook and unfriend all those people you don't really know, all those friends you don't talk to and don't want to hear from... and don't accept their friend request back!
5 comments on "Things you need to toss before the New Year"
  1. I must do this right away!
    It's the perfect way to start a new year, getting rid of things that are holding us back!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas Sophie.

    xo Emma.

    1. Yes it is Emma!
      Such an amazing way to start the year, son't you think? =)

      I had a lovely Christmas thank you, hope that you had one too.


  2. Love the clean design of your blog. And this post is everything!

    happy new year.

  3. This was really helpful!

    Time to start fresh, thanks for the inspo.!:)


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