The way a minimalist shops

Friday, November 6

" In order to become a good shopper, you must be capable of saying no when the fit isn't completely perfect. Always make sure that the cut doesn't make you look stubby. Do not settle unless the garment looks like it was tailored particularly to your body and style. Being able to pick out items, carefully, that harmonize with your proportions is a skill. A skill that you should possess if you're aiming at a wardrobe free of disharmonious clothes. "'
-- source unknown

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I don't shop like I used to anymore. I used to go to the shops pretty much every week, and every time I had to bring something home with me or I would feel depressed. Now I don't even leave my house anymore, all the shopping I do is online, and if I do have to go to the store I always obey my set of rules to help me buy the right pieces.

RULE 1 // I always take a list. Or on my phone, or I print it.. always with the references to the pieces I take from the website, this way is easier to ask someone for help.

RULE 2 // I always touch the clothes to see if the fabric is good quality. Sometimes, only by touching it, you know it the fabric is something that you like or not.

RULE 3// I also always try and see if the fabric is too transparent. I hate clothes that are transparent because I always have to wear a top underneath.

RULE 4 // I check the price first. If I'm willing to pay that amount for it, I will try it on, because if I try it on and I love it and I can't afford it I will be very sad.

RULE 5 // Try everything on. So many times I thought that something would look good on me or that would fit me and when I try it on it's the opposite. So I always try it on.

RULE 6 // I always take two sizes of an item, specially pants, because every store has different fits and cuts and you never know with size you might be.
4 comments on "The way a minimalist shops"
  1. I enjoyed this very much !
    I'm also starting to avoid going to the shops, I now shop much more online and I love it.
    Liked your tips btw.


    1. It's so much more comfortable to shop from home <3


  2. Experimentar mil vezes até ter a certeza de que tomei a decisão correta também se tornou numa das coisas mais importantes para mim. E agora também faço questão de ter uma lista, o que me deixa bastante orgulhosa :p

    1. Acho que e mesmo uma das melhores dicas =)
      E a lista é sempre um must!



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