My plan to save 1,000€ in one year

Monday, November 30

Saving money is one of the hardest things to do, special when you are young and have only started to live your own life. One of the advantages of living a minimalist life is the fact that you will be able to save more money and still live a full and meaningful life. But for those that are just trying to save some for a trip or a house, here is as idea to save 1,000€ in 1 year! There are 3 options for this, but any of them will work perfectly.

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+ Option One
Divide the year into groups of three months. At the Beginning level save 1€ per day for 3 months, at the Medium level save 2€ per day for 3 months, at the Hard level save 3€ per day for 3 months and at the Advanced level save 5 € per day for 3 months. 

Notes: This one is the hard one, because it's very easy at first but by the ends it's very hard to save up 5€ a day. I recommend this if you really want to cut on your expenses drastically, or if you want a bit of a challenge.

+ Option Two
Divide the Year into groups of 4 month and apply the levels to each month. For each set of 4 months you apply the levels from Beginning to Advanced, and repeat in the next set of 4 months.

Note: This one is easier but at the same time a bit of a challenge. For each set of 4 months you get to restrict yourself for 1 month. And you can start with the Beginner level or with the Advanced, is totally up too you. 

+ Option Three
Divide the months into weeks and apply each level to a week, and for the extra days you have on the month apply the Advanced level as well. For example, if the month starts at a Sunday but ends at a Tuesday, you should finish those extra 2 days in the Advanced level.

Note: This is the easy one, and the one that I'm going to opt for. It's much easier to save money this way because you get to divide your month the way it is easier for you. You can also start at the Advanced Leval, but still include the extra days in this level.

At the biggining of 2016 I'm going to use the 3rd option. I'm going to start with the Beginning level because I have more money at the end of the month, so it will be easier for me to save money that way! How about you? Are you going to give this a try?

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  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing! I might try that out also :)

    I’m glad I found out your blog!
    You can find me at:

    1. Thanks ! Let me know know it went or how your experience is going =)


  2. love this! this is great advice :) A big fan of your blog and just had to comment on this great financial advice!

  3. Adorei este post, super útil!! Sou capaz de usar um dos métodos para guardar dinheiro (:
    Adorei o blog, já sigo!
    Grande beijinho,


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