Minimalist Winter Accessories

Thursday, November 19

I love Winter accessories, hats, scarfs, gloves, but since I became a minimalist I only care about two of those accessories, my gloves and my cozy scarf. They have been my best friends in the cold days. I got a new pair of glove from Zara that have a bit of a sleeve, I love that because it keeps part of my arms extra warm!

I have been living with only these two winter accessories and I'm fine with that, I have everything that I need, a nice warm scarf for my neck and warm gloves for my hands, what more could a girl need?

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4 comments on "Minimalist Winter Accessories"
  1. You are always surprising me ! Only 2 winter accessories? really?! That's pretty cool!
    I mean, were I live I need at least a beanie too, otherwise I would freeze my brain, ha ha.
    But I guess it depends on the weather of each country :)
    The scarf is beautiful btw, and the gloves were a great find !


    1. For me, it's all that I need, but it all depends of the lifestyle you have =)


  2. Replies
    1. Tudo dependa do nosso dia a dia e das nossas necessidades :P
      Para mim, isto basta ^^



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