Experiences vs Things

Tuesday, November 10

The other day I went to the strEATfest with my boyfriend, we spend around 20€ to have burgers, chips, orange juice and wine. When we were coming back home I turned to him and said: "I love this, much more than buying stuff". He looked at me and asked me what did I mean, and I replied that I prefer spending time with him going to small events like that one, then getting each other's gifts.

In that moment everything made so much sense to me. I did prefer spending quality time with him than going to the shops, even if I was tired and had to work the next day, it is always much more enjoyable than a new thing.

As I have learned from this videoExperiences are what define us as individuals, they never leave us, their value is much greater than anything we can buy. No matter how much we spent on our possessions, experiences will always have a bigger value than that. The happiness that a new purchase gives us leaves quite fast, but the happiness we get from our experiences lasts forever.

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