A minimalist guide for cozy night in

Monday, November 23
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The cold days have been hard on every one of us. But there is one thing that I love to do on those cold days, and that is to stay at home with my boyfriend, a bunch of blankets and a nice cup of hot chocolate! So here are my simple suggestions for a cozy night in:

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Get into you comfy pair of Pajamas
+ Keep warm with your favorite Blanket
+ Light up some Candles to set the mood and make your house smell good
Get your favorite book, and read a few pages
Take a nice bubble bath
Prepare a comfy bed
+ Put on some fluffy socks
Cuddle with your boyfriend..
and your pet!
Watch a nice movie
+ Put on your night mask.. and have a good night sleep!
5 comments on "A minimalist guide for cozy night in"
  1. Tão bom! Foi exactamente o que fiz ontem e soube tão bem. ^^

    1. Tambem eu =)
      Foi mesmo um dia para relaxar e recarregar energias. Especialmente com a ventania que fez ontem, nem dava para sair de casa :P


  2. This is a great guide! I love it !
    It's perfect for those cold days!


    1. Today is a good day to do it.
      So cold !



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