Travel Light // One month & two weathers

Monday, October 5

A lovely reader of mine asked if I could help her to pack light for one month when the weather at your destination is not so stable. Having to pack for two different weathers may seem a bit tricky, but with some tips you can actually only take one carry on and you will be fine for the entire month!

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+ Layering. Pack items that can be layered when the days get cold. You can layer a t-shirt with a sweater and you are ready for those chilly days, and you can also add a scarf it is very cold.

+ A good coat. Tacking a great warm coat with you can be a life saver, just be shore not to pack it, but instead wear it on the plain so that you suitcase has more space for your items.

+ Cosy Sweater. Take a cosy sweater with you, layer with a t shirt or a button up and you will be ready to face that cold weather.

+ Flowy tops. By packing tops that are lightweight you will save space on you bag and you will be set for those hot days.

+ Shorts. I like to pack a pair of shorts and a pair of warm tights, this way I can wear the shorts on hot and cold days just by adding a pair of tights.

+ Warm Scarf. This is a great layering piece for those cold days! No one likes that cold breeze on the neck.

+ Heavy Items. Wear your heavy items on the plain, like your coat or your heavy shoes. This way you will have more space on your bag to carry your items.


6 comments on "Travel Light // One month & two weathers "
  1. Olá! Muito bom o post, sempre é bom levarmos poucas coisas em viagens.
    Economiza espaço e dor de cabeça! :)

    Uma pergunta: como conseguiu deixar aquela opção para post em inglês/pt?
    Se não for incômodo. ^^

    1. Oi querida,
      consegui essa opção através de um HTML da Sofia do blog
      Nao te sei explicar muito bem, mas sei que ela vai fazer um vídeo a explicar, por isso basta seguires e aguardares pelo vídeo =)


  2. Essa opção de post em ingles/pt também é excelente, tenho de ver isso, agora que vou dar mais destaque ao blog escrito em ingles :P

    1. Eu ja andava a meses a procura de uma boa maneira de colocar os posts nas duas línguas. Quando encontrei esta maneira no blog da Sofia ( não hesitei em usar. Ela vai fazer um post sobre como aplicar nos blog. Fica atenta =)


  3. I love your style !
    It seems so effortless and chick at the same time. It feels like it's so easy to get dressed in the morning and get out the door in less than 5 minutes.
    Love this type of posts, keep them coming =)

    xo, Emma.


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