The A-Line Jigsaw Collection

Tuesday, October 27

Simplicity and good quality is something that I'm always looking for, and this collection from Jigsaw inspires me so much ! All the pieces would create an amazing capsule wardrobe and would look great in any woman's closet. Check out the pieces that I love below, I want them all in closet right now !

the perfect white blouse & an amazing light weight jumper
for the cold days, I love the details on this sweater
this amazing little black dress
that skirt!
a long version of the little black dress
simple coat for autumn
another beautiful light weight jumper
the perfect black blazer
the white coat
the long coat for the cold days
feminine & elegant, perfect for spring

all images from Jigsaw
6 comments on "The A-Line Jigsaw Collection"
  1. Replies
    1. É não é ?
      Fiquei apaixonadíssima !


  2. love it - the pieces are very simple and sophisticated. would be great for work!

    1. Yes! They would look great on a capsule wardrobe!
      I'm so in love !


  3. This collection is amazing!
    So beautiful.



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