The 10 items travel capsule wardrobe

Friday, October 2

There is no denial that having a capsule wardrobe is a much simpler way to get dressed every morning, and its also an amazing way to pack for travelling. For me packing has never been so easy, I already know what pieces I'm going to take with me for a week trip. I always pick the same 10 items, and I have never felt that I needed to take anything else.

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M Y   1 0   I T E M   T R A V E L   W A R D R O B E

+ Black Blazer. I always take a blazer or a coat depending on the weather, It's a great way to layer and keep warm.. and it also great way to transform your outfit.

+ A white blouse. Depending on what I'm doing, I like to wear a white blouse, it looks so great with everything and you get an effortless but still well put together outfit.

+ Favourite Jeans. I take my favourite jeans everywhere I go! They are a must on my travel wardrobe.

+ A dressy top. I like to take a dressier top because you never know when you may need it, maybe for a night out or a nice diner. But I always end up wearing it during the day too.

+ Ankle boots. I can't leave my ankle boots at home, they complete my outfits.. unless I'm going to walk for miles, I always wear my ankle boots.

+ Flowy Top. I love wearing simple and comfortable tops, I feel great all day and I can move around with ease.

+ Cozy Sweater. This is a key piece for those cold nights or those days that the weather is a bit uncertain.

+ Sneakers. I need to take a pair of comfortable sneakers in every trip. I can wear them to go jogging or just to walk around town. When yo know you are going to walk a lot, just take a pair with you and your feet will thank you.

+ A nice Skirt. I will take a nice skit if I'm going to an event or something similar. Or instead a great dress. I can also wear it on a night.

+ My fav top. I always take the top that I'm loving the most at the moment, because I know I will wear it a lot and always feel good and comfortable with it.
6 comments on "The 10 items travel capsule wardrobe"
  1. Hi, for how long is this travel wardrobe?

    1. Hi Jojo.
      Normally for a week. And it also depends on the weather.
      I may have to take a bikini or scarf and gloves, but these are pretty much the items I take with me.


  2. I would love to travel so light... Do you use a washing machine or what do you do if something gets really, really dirty? I don't take much with me on my vacation, but the weather always change so much, so I need clothes for two weeks with rain and two weeks with sun. Have you any tips for me? Btw, glad I found your blog - It's amazing!

    1. Well.. if my clothes get dirty I will try and find a washing machine or just wash them by hand.
      It's a bit tricky when the weather changes that much in a few days, I would try and pack pieces that can be layered.. and a good winter/rain coat.
      If you had an easy way to wash your clothes at your destination I wouldn't pack that much pieces, because you can wash them easily.
      I could do a post for you sharing some ideas and tips on travelling for 1 month with multiple weather, if you like =)


  3. Woah, that would be awesome! Thanks fpr your great help :)

  4. OMG this so amazing! I need to try this out =)

    xo, Emma


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