Simple bedside dressing table

Wednesday, October 28

At the house where I live with my boyfriend I have a little corner just by my bed and right next to the closet that I made my little dressing table. I don't have a lot of stuff in it, but I do have everything I need to get ready in the morning. I use a cube self from IKEA as my dressing table, on top I have a lamp, my cactus, my cute H&M candle, a picture I also got from IKEA, my jewelry box and some plates also from H&M. The perfume I use pretty much every time I go out is the Love, Chloé.. and I'm so in love with it.

On the shelving part of the cube I have my bags, a basket with some beauty products, and two cube organizers, one with laundry and other with my pajamas. It's a system that works very well for me, even more than what I had at my mom's house.

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6 comments on "Simple bedside dressing table"
  1. Adoro como tens tudo organizado. E muito amor para os perfumes da Chloé, eu uso o Roses religiosamente.

  2. Também tenho esse perfume, é maravilhoso, como todos os da Chloé.
    Gostei do teu cantinho :)

  3. Lovely dressing table.
    So simple. It has a nice calm feeling to it.


    1. Thanks!
      Is nice to wake up to a nice looking dressing table =)


  4. ♥ tens muito bom gosto :) a minha mesa de cabeceira deve ser a superfície plana da minha casa mais minimalista de todas. Não posso ter lá nada que a gatinha manda tudo ao chão :)


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