My Personal Style Evolution

Monday, October 26

I always loved to play around with my style, from my hair to my clothes I always loved to try different styles and different looks. I had short hair and curly hair with bangs, short bob's and long bobs, black hair and an attempt on being a redhead (didn't work by the way). The same happened with my way of dressing, from Preppy to Emo, from Goth to "normal". But now, now I'm glad I finally found the style that really suits me and that I always wanted to have.

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I always liked being well dressed and wearing clothes for the grownups, but I was too young to dress like that, so I rebelled and dressed like emo kids and later on I tried a preppy style. But none of that worked. I still struggled with what to wear and about feeling good in my own skin.

Now, at 25, I can say that my style is exactly where I want it to be. It's a little bit of every style that I love mixed all together creating my own personal style. I have a lot of black, from my love of rock &roll fashion and is also a classic colour. A bit of girly patterns and textures from my love of lady like pieces. And a bit of sporty pieces because I love being comfortable on a day to day basis.

This now is my style, but I know that it will evolve when I get older, but I have never felt as comfortable on my own skin as I feel now. Part of the reason for that is minimalism, and the other part is life.. getting older and experimenting with styles made me realize who I really was and who I wanted people so see me as.

I'm happy like this, with a touch of rock & roll and also feminine. My wardrobe is pretty much black, but at the same time I made it very feminine. I like who I am now, and I feel great in my own skin.

3 comments on "My Personal Style Evolution"
  1. Com as camisolas de gola alta tenho uma relação de amor-ódio. Não podem ser muito justas ao pescoço, não podem picar nem a altura da gola ser demasiado pequena ou grande lol, basicamente têm de ser perfeitas ah ah senão não as visto.

    1. Sou como tu! Se houver alguma coisa que me incomoda nas camisolas de gola alta, especialmente na gola, ja não a visto.
      As vezes parece que me falta o ar , ha ha.


  2. My style was pretty much the same, I never experimented with all those different looks, but I kinda with I did. In a way is a fun memories and a journey to finding a personal style.
    I wish you had pictures :P



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