The Weekender

Friday, September 25

Every year, at the beginning of September, me and my family go to my Grandparents country house.. no, not a fancy country house like in the movies, but a small and cosy little "cottage" in the middle on nowhere with bad phone service and no internet. It's a great place to disconnect from the world and enjoy the nature around us.

This year I decided to make this weekend a challenge! I'm only going to pack my backpack, and it's not a camping backpack, but a small one that is now trendy everywhere. I'm taking THIS and it will be enough!

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Packing Cube
Makeup Bag
Beauty Bag
One pair of shoes
Two tops
One coat

Beside of the backpack I'm taking a cross bag with my camera, phone, wallet, headphones, and other little items that I will e needing during the trip. And I will be wearing my jeans, a blouse and my ankle boots. And you? Do you think you could pack like this? Let me know on the comments!

4 comments on "The Weekender"
  1. Sim, já fui de fim‑de‑semana (2 dias) várias vezes e levei mais ou menos o que levas. Só não usei uma mochila. Cabe isso tudo aí dentro? Também tento levar o máximo de roupa que puder vestida para não ter de arrumar na mala :P O que é um packing cube?

    1. Cabe tudinho ;P E ainda coube o meu alisador de cabelo!
      Isto é um Packing Cube:
      Dá mesmo muito jeito!



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