My top 5 pieces for Autumn

Monday, September 21

Finally the cold days have arrived. I really missed feeling the cold breeze on my face, I missed wearing blazers and coats, and I missed those delicious hot beverages! Now that the cold is here I can finally wear some of my favourite pieces for these cold days.

+ Seasonal Coat. I love my transitional coat that I got from Modalfa. It looks a lot like the Levan Jacket from Isabel Marant.. and the price was pretty affordable. For me this is the perfect piece for this time of the year.

+ White Blouse. I love this blouse, but during the Summer is hard to wear it around under the boiling sun, so now is the perfect season to take it out of the hanger. 

+ Ankle Boots. I love, love, love, wearing ankle boots, I even wear them in the hot days, but now is the appropriate time to wear them, so I'm going to wear them .. a lot ! And they look so great with skinny jeans.

+ Grey Skinny Jeans. I got this pair at Zara and I have been loving them since then. The colour is perfect, the zippers add a little of personalty, and the cut is amazing, they fit like a glove.

+ Earrings with a twist. I love wearing simple earrings with a bit of a twist at the same time, and I specially like wearing them during colder weather because when is hot my ears don't like having things in them, ha ha. It's also a great way to add a little bling to an outfit.

3 comments on "My top 5 pieces for Autumn"
  1. I'm in love with those jeans! The zipper make them so edgy but still classy.. I also love Isabel Marant, and that coat is so pretty, I wish I could find a similar one too.


  2. Adoro calças com fechos. Tenho umas pretas e outras brancas com fechos mas ainda procuro outra cor, talvez cinza ou caqui :P

    1. Cinza ficam mesmo bem !
      Eu adoro a cor das minhas, nao sao pretas (que é mt escuro) nem cinzentas clara. Sao a cor perfeita =)



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