My 60 piece capsule wardrobe (2015 Update)

Tuesday, September 29

Since I created my Capsule Wardrobe in 2014 that I have made a few changes and replaced some items. Style is something that is always changing, and although my style has stayed the same, there were some items that I didn't fancy anymore, so I decided to replace them with new ones using the One In, One Out rule. So I decided to create a new update on my capsule wardrobe list, so that you guys can keep up with my Capsule if you are interested.


Clothing (Outerwear)
1. Winter Coat
2. Black blazer
3. Black jacket
4. White blazer
5. Kimono jacket

Clothing (Tops)
1. White sleeveless flowy top
2. Nude ruffled top
3. Pattern Top
4. Black Crossed top
5. Dark Blue top
6. Black Jumpsuit/Dress
7. Black Tank with lace
8. Asymmetric T-Shirt
9. 2 basic tops (to wear under clothes)

Clothing (Blouses)
1. White blouse
2. Striped button down
3. Black Blouse
4. Grey blouse
5. Lace Blouse

Clothing (Winter Tops)
1. White Sweater
2. Pattern sweater 
3. Grey Turtleneck Sweater
4. Black asymmetrical jumper
5. Sweater w/button down combo
6. Grey Sweater

Clothing (Work Wear)
1. Black T-shirt
2. Jeans
3. Sneakers
4. Sweater

Clothing (Gym Clothes)
1. Gym Bag
2. Pattern Gym pants
3. 1 gym top
4. Gym sneakers
5. 1 gym bra

1. Grey Jeans
2. Black Coated Jeans
3. Black Ruffed skirt
4. White Jeans

Beach wear
1. Bikini
2. Towel
3. Flip Flops
4. Dress

1. 10 underpants
2. 10 pairs socks
3. 4 bras
4. 4 pyjamas (2summer/2winter)
5. Robe
6. Slippers

1. Mango Ankle boots
2. Black Ankle Boots
3. Brown Sandals
4. Laced up flats
5. Sneakers
6. Flat sandals

Accessories & Jewelry 
1. Small black bag 
2. Small Pink Bag
3. Black everyday bag
4. Black tote bag
5. Sunglasses
6. Jewellery folder
7. Pattern Winter scarf
8. Light weight scarf
9. Backpack
10. Travel Bag + Cubes

(Work items are not included)

5 comments on "My 60 piece capsule wardrobe (2015 Update)"
  1. Gostei muito do blazer branco da Mango, por acaso tenho de investir num.

    1. Para mim foi um bom investimento.
      Comprei nos saldos, o que foi ainda melhor!
      Tenho um preto e um branco, é mesmo o suficiente =)


    2. Tenho um vermelho, também da Mango e um preto. Esse é lindo mas acho que já esgotou. Vou ficar atenta na proxima estação para ver se trago um semelhante, com fechos fica sempre mais giro :P

  2. 60 piece capsule? Isn't that an oxymoron?

    1. Why would it be?
      It's for an entire year, not 3 months =)


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