Letting go of Toxic Relationships

Monday, September 28

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Everyone has that friends that you know means trouble, or that you feel uncomfortable around... get rid of them. I mean, you are, maybe without knowing, letting these relationships poison your life, your are letting these people mess it your inner peace. If you know someone that makes you feel bad around them but you still hang around them, you are the only one to blame.. so do something about it. 

Doing something about it does not mean never go to places where they are, or hiding them on a cave so they never meet with you again, no. It means to know when to say No to certain situations that you don't feel comfortable in. It means cutting the relationship but still be polite when you seen the person.

Minimalism and downsizing is not always about stuff, its about people too, its about only keeping in your life people that you love and can't wait to be around. So get rid of the "clutter", and keep only your loved ones in your life

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2 comments on "Letting go of Toxic Relationships"
  1. mil vezes sim! foi a pensar um bocadinho nisso que fiz limpeza ao meu facebook :)

    1. Tambem eu!
      As vezes fico chocada ao ver que ha pessoas com mais de 200 amigos e nem com 50 falam.
      Foi mesmo um alivio eliminar pessoas indesejadas do Facebook e da minha vida =)



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