A Go-To Outfit For Your Outfit Dilemmas

Wednesday, September 30

Grabbing something from the closet and run out the house may sometimes not be easy for everyone. But I have created the perfect Go-To outfit for the cold months that are upon us. This way I know what to grab when I'm on a hurry and I don't need to give much thought into it.

With just a few pieces I know that I will be prepared for the day, and I know that I will look good and comfortable with what I'm wearing, which sometimes it doesn't happens for many people when they are picking an outfit at last minute. 

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This is my go to outfit when I'm in a hurry or I don't feel like picking up clothes:
Grey Jeans // White t-shirt // Grey Sweater // Chelsea Boots

2 comments on "A Go-To Outfit For Your Outfit Dilemmas"
  1. O meu também é muito semelhante, camisa (branca ou não) calças com textura pele, botins e casaco. Na mala sempre os óculos e lip balm :P

    1. Quando nao esta frio também adoro usar blusas género camisa... sempre com as minhas jeans favoritas. Mas agora para os dias de frio adoro esta sweater =)



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