Tips to start a Minimalist Lifestyle

Monday, August 17
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For all of you guys that want to start a minimalist lifestyle I decided to create this post with all of the links to my posts on the subject. I hope that this way it will be easier to find the information that you guys need to start this journey. And if you have any questions please do ask, either on the comments or just send me and e-mail.

O N    M I N I M A L I S M
W H E R E   T O   S T A R T
T H E    W A R D R O B E
M I N I M A L I S M    &    B E A U T Y

S H O P P I N G   F A S T
+ All the post during my shopping fast +

P.S. This will be updated every time I post something new on the subject.
4 comments on "Tips to start a Minimalist Lifestyle"
  1. Adorei! :)

    1. Obrigado =)
      Assim torna-se maus fácil nao é ?


  2. This is perfect!
    All the info in one place. Really helpful.
    I think I'm starting a minimalist lifestyle as well, and this will be very handy. Thanks.


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