The 1 year Shopping Fast

Monday, August 10

I need to make some changes in my life. I'm trying to save money to move to London with my boyfriend, and I think this might be the right way to do it. I found this idea on the blog of the lovely Maja, she did this challenge for 10 month, but I will try and do it for 1 year. I hope I'm successful, I do really want to save some money so I can start a new life in London. I will update on this matter every month, as Maja did, but for now I leave here the rules that I created for myself based on my needs and lifestyle.

T H E   R U L E S

1. Only buying replacements for worn out items. This may not be needed, but you never know.. a disaster may happen (knock on wood!)

2. I can buy beauty products that need to be replaced. Most probably I'm only going to buy stuff like shampoo and body wash.

3. I'm aloud to get what I wrote on my 2015 wishlist. This are things that I have been looking for this past year, and haven't found the perfect one's. So if I find them I can buy them.

4. I'm aloud to buy Presents. Not for me, but for friends and family.

5. Home decor items but no more than 100€. I'm moving, so I do need to decorate the bedroom, but that's it, just items for the bedroom.

6. I can spend my money on experiences. Things like plain tickets, dinners, cinema.

S T A R T I N G   D A T E
August 10th 2015
6 comments on "The 1 year Shopping Fast"
  1. Estou ansiosa pra ver o seu progresso em relação a isso! <3

    1. Vou precisar de muita força de vontade, mas acredito que irei conseguir =)


  2. eu devia fazer o mesmo! bom, depois da tese logo dou uma volta à minha vida lol

    1. Sim, primeiro a tese :P
      Bem mais importante.



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