Items I like wearing vs those that drive me mad

Tuesday, August 11

One of the things that I have been trying to do about my style is sorting out the types of clothing that I like and fit me well and those that I would never wear and that I truly hate. It has been a journey with lots of mistakes, but in the end the outcome was clarifying. But the journey is far from an end, and I'm still sorting out my point of view about certain items.

Items I enjoy wearing

1. SUPER SKINNY JEANS. I like them for the fact that they fit my body well and that they look great with my ankle boots and with pretty much any shoes I wear, the regular fit is too big on the bottom and does not flatter me when I wear my ankle boots.

2. ANKLE BOOTS. Since I first lay my eyes on the Isabel Marant Ankle boots that I have been hooked. I have now 3 pairs of them (not Isabel Marant's of course) that I can't live without. They are the only shoes with heel that I can use.

3. SIMPLE JEWELLERY. Effortless and simple jewellery are the best. They look so elegant and will always be in style, and also can be worn with pretty much everything I own.

4. BLOUSES. I could live in blouses and pretty tops, they make me feel like an adult, and a well put together woman. Makes me feel gracious and in contact with who I really am and how I truly feel inside.

5. BLAZERS. There is nothing better to complete an outfit than a well made blazer. I used to own a lot of them, but now I only have two key colours, black and white.

6. LACE BRAS. They are pretty, they keep the ladies in place and they are super comfortable.

Items That Drive me Mad

1. HIGH WASTE PANTS. In some people they look fine, but I truly hate them on me, my but doesn't feel right, neither do my hips.. and my belly hurts when I'm sitting. So for me they are a no no.

2. TIGHT TOPS/DRESSES. This does not relate to the fact that I don't have a flat stomach, it's just that I feel like I'm on a straitjacket, it just doesn't feel right to me, besides, I like my clothing to have a bit of movement.

3. HIGH HEELS. I must be one of the few girls in the world that doesn't dream of having a wall full of high heel shoes, some girls walk by a store full of amazing shoes and and go nuts trying to decide which pair to buy, others start thinking that they wish they could walk on heels like those, but me.. I just pass right to the store, I might take a quick glance at them but that's it, they just don't appeal to me.

4. LEGGINGS AS PANTS. I never got the idea of wearing leggings as pants, just thinking about it makes me mad. Also I don't like the shape they give to my legs, the only time I wear them is for sleeping or exercise.
4 comments on "Items I like wearing vs those that drive me mad"
  1. se as leggings fossem calças, chamavam-se calças! não podia concordar mais!

    1. Mesmo!
      Desde que as usam como deve de ser por mim tudo bem. Com camisolas a tapar o rabo e assim, agora a mostrar tudo.. nao obrigado. Deviam de fazer uma lei xD


  2. Ontem tive o desprazer de presenciar várias senhoras/meninas a usarem leggings como calças.
    E como se não bastasse, leggings semi transparentes + fio dental = não, mesmo!

    1. Do pior mesmo. Especialmente quando vamos subir as escadas e esta uma mesmo a nossa frente, ha ha.



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