I'm Moving Out

Friday, August 7

Changes ! I love change, special when it's a good change, and this one is pretty awesome. I'm moving into my boyfriends house! He still lives with his siblings so we will not be in our own house, but that's alright. 

The reason for me being quite alright with living with his siblings is because I'm not there most of the time. With my job I'm only home after 6p.m , so I basically only eat, shower, work on my computer and go to sleep, and since his house is so close to my work, it's a huge plus!

So I may do a little bedroom makeover because his bedroom is not my taste, at all, and I do need to take some of my furniture, like my work desk and some shelves. But a quick trip to Ikea and just a few items will make the bedroom much more cosy and nice. At the end on August I may post the makeover.
6 comments on "I'm Moving Out "
  1. Tira fotos do antes e depois! :) Vou adorar ver. Esse processo todo é sempre tão gostoso! Fico muito feliz por você e desejo muitas felicidades e momentos bons nessa nova etapa :)


    1. É mesmo essa a ideia ^^
      Nao vou poder mudar muita coisa, mas aquilo que vou mudar e adicionar ja vai ser bastante bom !


  2. Felicidades! É sempre um passo importante sairmos de casa dos pais. Já espreitei o post do armário em casa do BF e gostei muito ;)


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