Converting to Minimalism when you have a low budget

Friday, August 28
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Being a minimalist requires a bit of money, this money is used to invest on statement pieces or great basics that will last you a lifetime.. but what if you don't have the funds to do it? what if your budget won't allow you to spend 50€ on a simple white t-shirt? Well there is no need to abandon the idea of minimalist because of that. I'm going to share some tips that I believe you may find useful it this cases.

+ Sell your stuff. This one is obvious, if you sell some of your stuff, you will have more money to invest on your good quality pieces.

+ Work with what you have. I tried a capsule wardrobe a long time before I started minimalist, what I did was: I got rid of everything I didn't wear of loved. I was left with 6 tops and 3 bottoms.. or something like that, and I worked with what I had for a few months. After that I started to acquire pieces that I knew would create a perfect capsule for me .

+ Thrift. Yes, you can find amazing quality pieces on the thrift shop. You just need to know which fabrics are best, and that will last you longer. I once found a button up from Ralph Lauren!

+ Don't get rid of things that you know you may not have the money to replace. With this I'm referring to a winter coat that is old but you still wear it anyway, or everyday bag that is now falling apart. Wait for the right time to replace these items.

+ Keep track of your expenses. I talked about this in another post, click here to see that post.

+ Find ways to save some money. Do small things like walking more, not paying for groceries bag, not buying extra food/junk food when you know you shouldn't, cut on your bills.

I hope this few tips will help you on your way to a minimalist lifestyle!
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