Minimalism & Saving Money

Wednesday, July 29
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Since I became a minimalist, my savings at the bank have gone up a lot! I can now save much more money due to some little adjustments that I was able to make with minimalism. Let me tell you guys some of the ways I now save money and a few tips:

No Television // I no longer have a TV, I never used to watch it anyway, and now I don't have that extra expense every month.

Wishlist // Keeping a wishlist of things that I do need makes me keep focus every time I have to go shopping. And it's normal for this list to change or grow... or get tinier and tinier, as long as is a list of things that you do need and not things that you would like to buy just because everyone else has it.

Less Products // We all use different products everyday, a hand cream, a body cream, a day cream, a night cream. A brush for this and a brush for that. All of these things have a shelf life and we eventually have to replace them.. but if we reduce the amount of creams or find a multi purpose one, it's a better way to save money. I got rid of my night cream, I use the same for both times of day, I no longer use a hand cream, the body cream does the same things just fine.

Less Clothes // If we own less items of clothing (or towels or sheets) the laundry task it's much easier and the number of loads on your machine gets smaller, saving you money, water and time.

Daily Intimate Cotton Pads // I no longer have to spend money on this, I bought some organic pads that I wash every day, it does not take long to do so, and it's better for me and for the environment.

No more checking bags // For me checking my bag when I travel is a pain in the ass, the time waiting, the fact that it may get lost, the time to collect my bag at my destination. Keep things simple and only have a carry on bag, no more time in lines, no more paying for extra weight, and no more loosing your bag.

Less pollution // I now own a few tote bags for my shopping and I always avoid buying things wrapped up in plastic. This way I'm helping the environment by avoiding plastic.. also I save more of groceries bags and garbage bags.
3 comments on "Minimalism & Saving Money"
  1. Great tips!
    Love the blog!

  2. Great article! Congratulations for your organization!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! Glad you liked it.



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